Tomato and Pepper Soup

It’s that time of year where salads just don’t cut it as a light meal and soup makes a great warming comeback. Quick to pull together if you have people over and for using up ingredients that are on short dates. Also, if you happen to have left over roast or cooked vegetables (not often here) they add additional flavour to the dish.

Two White Onions
Three Green Peppers
One Green Chilli (Seeds in)
One Stem Pak Choi
Two Tins Chopped Tomatoes
Seasoning (Chilli Flakes, Cayenne Pepper, Chilli Powder, Mixed Herbs, Salt and Pepper)

To Make
Chop the vegetables and keep separated.
In a large saucepan heat two tablespoons of olive oil and add the chopped onion Рsaut̩ on a low heat till softened. Add the green chilli and green peppers. Allow everything to soften slightly and then add the chopped Pak Choi and then add the two tins of chopped tomato. If quite watery, add some tomato puree to thicken.
Season to your liking and allow to simmer for around ten minutes.
Using a stick blender, mix up the soup – I like a little texture left, but that is entirely personal preference!

Serve with bread and maybe a splash of single cream if you have some in.


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