The Wine Parlour – Chix and Buck

The Wine Parlour, situated just off Atlantic Road in Brixton, is an incredible experience for any wine lover. With a few seats and tables it’s a small wine bar that boasts an impressive selection and variety of wines. All of the wines are sourced directly from suppliers by Chix and Buck, and are exclusive to the parlour. Wines to take out start at £10 and to drink in around £14 for a carrafe. image The staff are knowledgeable and clearly have a passion for wine, able to talk through the offering and advise on what you might like. Apart from the expected, you can also find grappa, aperitifs and the odd beer – I can recommend the sparkling wine blended with cognac! Cured meats and cheese are on offer to compliment the wines and are very tasty, though only available to eat in the bar. Weekly wine testing sessions are on offer and include a glass of bubbly, six wines and some charcuterie to go with. We went earlier this year, and were seated at a large table in a separate area of the parlour and shared the experience with about eight others, it lasted a bit longer than advertised – and it was great not to feel rushed! We were asked to write down our thoughts of each wine before we were told more about them, and the food provided was delicious and came at just the right time. Everyone was extremely friendly and all got plenty of cheese and meats. The sessions last about two hours and are a brilliant value at £25 – you’ll leave with some new found skills and comfortably tipsy. My favourite thing about this place is that even with all of the incredible knowledge, you aren’t made to feel bad for not being a wine expert, you can enjoy the wine at your leisure and if you have any questions they are answered brilliantly. Chix and Buck is located at the corner of Vining Street and Atlantic Road in Brixton and whilst you may have to wait for a seat, it’s worth the wait! Check out their website


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