Indulgent Ice-Cream

We went to a birthday party at the weekend and were asked to take dessert (a baked, no base cheesecake and Eton Mess, since you asked) but ended up with lots of double cream left to use up. We used some in a pasta dish, some in a soup and still had 600ml left!

Queue me watching Mary Berry on the television again, her latest series showcasing her absolute favourites, and watched her make an ice-cream that involved no churning, looked simple and best of all, used up half of the cream. The recipe is available online at and is really versatile.

I made vanilla, as I happened to have a pod left from another dessert we never made.
It relies on the egg whites being made into a meringue and the cream being whipped separately, the yolks are then mixed with the flavouring, it all gets folded in together and that’s it! It went into the freezer at 5pm and was good to eat at 8.30pm, which in my mind was incredible.

As there was still another half a pot of cream to use, I’ve just this moment whipped up another batch – this time strawberry, using strawberry fruit powder and it tastes pretty good, though I’d imagine even better if they had been fresh strawberries.

The only downside, is that because it uses uncooked egg – it isn’t suitable for everyone, so do bare that in mind if you’re hosting.


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